Role: Mechanical Graduate
Sector: Marine

My apprenticeship/grad placement, why I chose it and why I chose Babcock:
I chose the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Programme as it was well structured with support; for finding placements, regular pay and performance reviews and the opportunities to work with technical assets, all whilst supporting your professional registration application (of Incorporated or Chartered Engineer Status).

My typical day:
It’s cliché to say no two days are the same…but it’s true (minus a cup of tea to start the workday). The graduate programme gives you so much exposure to different areas of the business that in one placement you are speaking to stakeholders on how we can improve the business and another placement can be about investigating design changes to the facilities – it’s really varied! As for the days, typically there are team meetings to see what work we’re doing and aligning ourselves, calls with the projects and leading my own meetings to meet my objectives.

My favourite part of the job:
My favourite part of the role is the variety and opportunities. There are so many different opportunities for development available it’s hard to decide which ones to take. I am currently the Deputy Chair of the Young Professionals Network and this allows me to engage with lots of different areas across site to support the workforce. One hour I could be supporting the delivery of a new system within a different team, the next I can be delivering a team working session and the next I could be speaking to directors on how we can support people in the business. Lots to get involved with so sign up for what you can and enjoy it!

Most challenging thing I’ve ever done to date:
Joining a new company in the pandemic. Everything was virtual and via video calls. Normally, you could turn round and ask someone ‘Where can I find this?’ or ‘Who do I speak to about that?’ but when joining, it was a phone call or Teams message. Everyone was happy to help as they were in the same position, but it felt odd. Now, we’re able to be on site more and it’s much easier to ask people those questions as well as…’Where should we go for lunch?’