How apprenticeships work

Our apprenticeships take place at locations right across the UK and will give you the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours to meet the requirements of your apprenticeship programme.

Whatever your apprenticeship or location, you’ll get a consistent experience when you join Babcock as an apprentice.

Your training will be delivered in partnership with local training providers. To equip you with the following:


We’ll help you develop the technical detail, and ‘know-how’ you’ll need to have to understand and successfully carry out your job.


Our apprenticeships allow you to learn while doing. You can take your experiences and training and apply them to your role straight away.


Your mindset, attitude and approach are key for you to be a success in your job. Some behaviours are instinctive, some may be transferrable from other areas of your life, and some can be learned. Our training will help you identify and develop key behaviours in areas such as adaptability, communication and teamwork.

Your apprenticeship with Babcock is an introduction to the world of work and gives you the chance to benefit from a world-class programme.

We’ll guide your learning and follow your progression throughout your apprenticeship.

It’s a path followed by several of our senior managers and directors, who began as Babcock apprentices.

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