Electrical Engineering Apprentice
Location: Devonport
Sector/Business unit: Nuclear

My apprenticeship, why I chose it, and why I chose Babcock:
I chose Babcock because of the future opportunities the company provides. Babcock is a stable company and somewhere I can see my future. The pay structure is also very good allowing for a good work, life, and study balance.

I chose the Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship because I felt it would provide me with skills for the future – the way the world is going, everything is electric. I also used to work as a heating engineer, so I already had a bit of an interest in electrics. It felt like a natural progression for me to move into electrics.

My typical day:
I arrive on time and get briefed on the jobs which need completing by our manager.

Our manager will usually give us details of the tasks needed and the dates the tasks need to be completed by. We’ll then get into teams and work through the requirements.

Working on ships, the jobs can vary quite a lot. I support by running in any new cables needed, fixing faults, and installing new electrics on the ships. We work closely with the Royal Navy to get the work that’s needed on the ships completed.

My favourite part of the job:
My favourite part of the job is building friendships with the people I work with. We all get on well with each other and we have fun together.

It’s nice working with different types of people from different backgrounds and I like chatting to new people. On the Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship, we move sections, so we get to move around and experience new areas and meet a whole new group of people. Each section has different ways of working, so there’s always something new to learn.

The most challenging thing I’ve ever done to date:
So far, nothing has been a challenge. I have got a good support network around me, so I never feel that anything is too stressful.

Some people do find it challenging moving on to new sections, as you spend time building a relationship with your colleagues in one section, and then you move on to a new one. However, it helps for development and character building.

Life as an

Electrical Apprentice

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