Business Operations Management Graduate Programme
Location: London, England
Sector/Business unit: Land

My graduate programme, why I chose it, and why I chose Babcock:
After completing my studies in marketing at university, I found myself uncertain about the career path I wanted to take. I already knew of Babcock as I had recently completed a placement year with another defence company. A colleague of mine had previously worked for Babcock and highly recommended their graduate programme. After looking into it, it sounded like the perfect opportunity – I could move around different areas of the business, try different roles, try living in different areas of the country (some of our programmes encourage moving locations every 6 months), and find what I was passionate about.

My typical day:
My typical day has varied greatly during my time on the graduate programme, as I rotate around different areas of the business for various placements. One day I could be working in a warehouse reviewing stock management processes, and the next I could be presenting a piece of data analysis to the customer to help them better understand our fleet management capabilities.

My favourite part of the job:
As a graduate, I’m given the unique opportunity to work in diverse roles across the Land sector. This has led to my favourite part of the job being the ability to build up a large network and an in-depth understanding of our contracts. As a result, I have become the go-to person for sharing best practices and quickly identifying areas for improvement.

The most challenging thing I’ve ever done to date:
Whilst being able to rotate through various positions and locations has been incredibly rewarding, it has also been challenging. I’m constantly learning and meeting new people, and frequently moving around the country to work in new locations.

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Business Operations Management

Life on the Business Operations Management Graduate Programme

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