Mobile Repair Technician Apprentice
Location: London, England
Sector/Business unit: Land

My apprenticeship, why I chose it, and why I chose Babcock:
I chose this apprenticeship because being a Mobile Repair Technician Apprentice is exciting and extremely rewarding. I also enjoy being part of an international company that emphasises the importance of doing a good job.

My typical day:
Due to the nature of my job, there is no such thing as a typical day! Being on the road means I could have any number of different jobs in one day.

Usually, my day starts by receiving multiple jobs, I then make my way to each job repairing or replacing vehicles as necessary. At any point during the day, I could receive an urgent job where I’m required to divert to attend, diagnose and repair or replace a vehicle.

Each and every day is different, some days are challenging, and some days can be intense. But that is what makes the job so exciting!

My favourite part of the job:
My favourite parts of the job are the social side of it and the hands-on part. I enjoy the customer facing aspect of the role because you get to meet new and interesting people every day. I do also enjoy the hands-on side because it makes the job interesting and challenging in a good way – I think it’s really rewarding knowing you have solved a problem and your own hands have fixed a vehicle.

The most challenging thing I’ve ever done to date:
I was called out to a urgent job on the side of a dual carriageway where a truck had broken down. In these situations, we must use roadside safety equipment like cones, hi-visibility wear and signs to the corner of the truck so that we have enough room to work on the truck. The job itself is challenging, added to the fact that we are on the side of a very busy road, and we need to work quickly to fix the vehicle. I’m proud to say that we managed to stay calm and complete the job, sending the customer on their way in a timely manner.

Life as a

Mobile Repair Technician Apprentice

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