Avionic and Electrical Apprentice
Location: RAF Valley, Wales
Sector/Business unit: Aviation

My apprenticeship, why I chose it, and why I chose Babcock:
Babcock is an excellent place to kick-start a career in engineering and gain engineering knowledge working in an aviation environment. Babcock also has offices all over the UK and globally – this meant I could start my career without having to move away from my family – but in the future, there could be opportunities for me to work abroad.

One of the main reasons I chose this apprenticeship is because of the opportunity to work with aircraft on a practical level whilst also being able to gain the necessary qualifications. Babcock offers significant training to help you understand the industry and progress your learning.

My typical day:
Throughout the apprenticeship, I rotate through different departments, usually working as part of a team to service a specific aircraft. The aircraft will usually be stripped down of its components, then those components are replaced or re-fitted back onto the aircraft. Finally, we test all these components to make sure they all work correctly.

My main role is to assist qualified tradespeople in their role as technicians. I will help them with different tasks, learn from them and gain the necessary practical skills and knowledge to eventually become a technician myself. We will discuss at the beginning of the day which tasks are the most important and then carry out any additional tasks that may be required.

My favourite part of the job:
My favourite part of the job is getting to experience the practical side of working on an aircraft, learning the ins and outs of the jet, and learning how to identify and solve any issues. It is an interesting learning experience when you are performing a task and then suddenly something goes wrong, and you need to work together to fix the problem.

Another aspect of the job I very much enjoy is being able to learn from some of the more experienced staff. Learning from others helps me to gain a better understanding of the aircraft and gain more knowledge about the different systems involved.

The most challenging thing I’ve ever done to date:
The most challenging part of the job so far was when I helped an aircraft taxi around the runway. It was my job to signal to the aircrew who were ready in the aircraft. This was challenging because the aircraft need to be up in the air quickly and I needed to perform my job to a high standard – this was quite a daunting experience at first!

In your apprenticeship you are supported in many ways. If at any point you have any problems, there is internal support available. Being able to talk to and learn from experienced staff has been the most rewarding part of the apprenticeship so far.