Business Management Graduate Programme
Location: Bristol, England
Sector/Business unit: Mission Systems

My graduate programme, why I chose it, and why I chose Babcock:
After completing my degree in Business and Management at university, I was unsure what area of business I wanted to go into. The Babcock Business Management Graduate Programme sounded appealing as it gave me the opportunity to experience a variety of different job roles.

On the graduate programme, we’re offered a variety of placements working in different job roles. The placements help you to develop an understanding of how each role is important and what impact they can have. So far, I have had the opportunity to work in Supply Chain, Commercial, and Project Management. I love learning about the varied projects Babcock works on and working with different teams across the business.

My typical day:
My typical day varies depending on the area of the business I am working in at the time. Currently, I start the day with a team meeting to go over the progress made so far, and tasks set out for the day/week. I will then go through the list of priority tasks for the day. We have regular team catch-ups throughout the day to discuss different aspects of the project. Plus, as part of my programme, I also have the opportunity to work on a separate project running alongside my main role.

My favourite part of the job:
My favourite part of the job is being given the opportunity to work in multiple areas of the business and experience working in different roles within a team. I enjoy the variety in the work I am doing and being able to get involved in different projects. I also like meeting and learning from new people. Each team I have had the opportunity to work with has taught me lots of new skills that I can take with me to my next placement.

I also enjoy being on the graduate social team – together, we make sure everyone has the opportunity to meet monthly. Activities include anything from Go Karting and Mini Golf to Bowling and Paintballing!

The most challenging thing I’ve ever done to date:
I think the biggest challenge I have faced so far is starting my Project Management qualification by completing the Project Fundamentals qualification. This involved completing a training course and then an exam that put my knowledge of project management to the test. Completing this qualification has improved the skills and resources I can bring to my future placement opportunities.

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