Pipefitter Apprentice
Location: Bristol, England
Sector/Business unit: Nuclear

My apprenticeship, why I chose it, and why I chose Babcock:
I chose this apprenticeship as my dad and grandad worked on power stations all their lives and I have always wanted to follow in their footsteps. The thought of being an engineer has always enticed me and it will continue to entice me until I finish my career. The thought of being able to develop my career at Babcock is exciting.

My typical day:
I start my day by setting up my tools and doing my pre-use checks, then we usually have a team meeting. Our team meeting involves a pre-job brief and talking about the job we’re going to be doing that day. This is where we can ask any questions we have about the job. We then chop the pipe we need, to the length we need, and prep and chamfer the pipe so it can be welded together.

My favourite part of the job:
My favourite part about the job is getting to meet loads of new people and make new friends. I also get to challenge myself daily with each task that I complete. I love that I’m doing my dream job!

The most challenging thing I’ve ever done to date:
The most challenging thing I’ve done is tacking up the pipework I had prepped and welding my friend’s work. This gave me the chance to learn from my mistakes and re-evaluate the way I go about the job.

Life as a

Pipefitter Apprentice

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